swiftSMS 4.1

swiftSMS™ is a click-and-deploy SMS Gateway & Application Server software
4.01.27 (See all)

swiftSMS™ is a click-and-deploy SMS Gateway & Application Server software that facilitates and accelerates deployment of any kind of SMS application. It enables cost-efficient, fast and reliable message transmission via any GSM network. swiftSMS™ is flexible, scalable, user friendly and value for money product which saves time in terms of understanding and implementing mobile messaging technology.

Main features:
-User Friendly - You can install, configure and start using swiftSMS™ in less than fifteen minutes.
-Flexible - It supports any ETSI 07.05 compliant GSM modem that supports AT commands for SMS.
-Scalable - Supports up to 16 GSM modems connected to serial communication ports.
-Incoming messages can be configured to trigger external scripts and/or applications or can be posted to any web-service
-Auto responses based on keywords and parameters of incoming SMS can be sent from scripts, applications, web pages
-Bundled ActiveX DLL and .Net Class Library for sending SMS from scripts or external applications through swiftSMS™
-Client computers can send SMS over LAN/WAN through swiftSMS™ server
-Send scheduled outgoing messages from scripts/exe or web-services
-Powerful command line utility that allows sending of SMS from swiftSMS™ server or remote clients
-Supports receiving and sending of long concatenated SMS
-Complete log of all incoming and outgoing SMS with option to export log to excel file
-Option to send alert (flash) SMS
-Define validity period for outgoing SMS
-Request delivery status report for outgoing SMS
-Console view for continuous monitoring of swiftSMS™ server activity
-Extensive troubleshooting features (server log, modem log, error messages etc)

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